Frequently Asked questions


Q: What kind of cars do you buy?

A: buys anything between 1980-2011 All Domestic and Foreign. Classic cars any year.

Q: What if my car was in an accident?

A: We will take it.

Q. My car doesn’t run?

A. will take it.

Q: Don’t have my pink slip?

A. We have the paper work, but it’s easier if you have the pink or title.

Q: I still owe on my car?

A. We will buy your car and pay it off as long as we can turn a profit.

Q. How much will you pay me for my car?

A. We can give you a ballpark over the phone, but when we see your car we can give you a more accurate price.

Q. Do I need to smog my car?

A. No we will take care of that for you.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Over 30 years.

Q. Won’t I make more money if I donate my car?

A. As of Jan 1st 2005 the laws have changed and you only get to write off what the charity sells the car for. Go to the home page and click on new donation laws. For more information.

Q. I want to sell my car fast?

 A. just call or fill out the online form and a representative will make an appt asap.